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Homeopathcures is a successful healthcare institution that has relieved several patients from the suffering of their illnesses and conditions from all across the world for over a decade.

Knowledge, experience and empathy are the true pillars of genuine and meaningful healthcare and at Homeopathcures we treat the person and not only the disease or the condition.

This approach and attitude have evolved out of our successful results of the application of the philosophy and power of homeopathy in bringing relief and cure to numerous people across the globe in the past many years.

We listen with care and cure with concern.

The effective application of holistic treatment through Homeopathy is enhanced with the specialized knowledge and experience of the dedicated team led by Dr. Naitik Shah.

Our mission is to bring back the smile of health into the lives of as many families as we can with the skills, dedication and efforts of our team. We wish to make our facilities more available and accessible.

In this endeavour, we are utilizing the resources of technology to reach our goals (and you) faster and better.

20+ Years

Of Experience

14000 Patients

Successfully Treated

60 Minutes

Dedicated time to each new patient

Leading The Way

Dr. Naitik Shah (B.H.M.S.) is a practicing Homeopathic physician in Ahmedabad, India since 2003.  He has studied homeopathy deeply and he is very dynamic and on the continuous quest of ever learning and ever growing. Dr. Naitik is an acclaimed physician and teacher who has grown and progressed in professional stature by treating a large number of patients successfully over the years.