Arthritis Treatments


This is what every person who suffers from Arthritis feels at all agonizing moments. It becomes difficult to move or even sit and life starts feeling like a burden to self and others.

Conventional treatment like surgery is probably too drastic and convention medication is too limited in relief with increasing dosage and harmful side effects. In the interests of the patients and their families, it is worth looking at other positive treatments that can help. Homeopathy that has had substantial success from over 200 years offers safe and effective solutions.

Reduce the suffering, explore Homeopathcures.



It’s a vast subject to talk about where different joints of the body, muscles and connective tissues are involved. It could be particular and / or non-articular too.

Here we will mainly discuss Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Gout, Ankylosing Spondylitis etc. These are Auto-immune disorders except gout which is metabolic. All these disorders are progressive in nature and gradually they develop deformities which make a person’s bedridden, dependent and lead a miserable life.

Common symptoms:

  • Joint pains with difficulty in walking & changing posture
  • Stiffness, especially in mornings
  • Swelling of joints
  • Redness joints around
  • Joint Deformities
  • Bamboo spine in ankylosing Spondylitis

Homeopathy is capable to stop the progress of the disease, provide comfort by reducing aches & pains though gradually and prevent complications. We are able to share this confidently because we have done this in the past with our patients, as we have long follow-ups with our patients ranging from 3 years to 8 years.

Treatment Offered

We provide homeopathic medicines for all these disorders after careful evaluation of physical symptoms; their temperament, behavior and individual perception of their own self.

The outcome depends on the severity of disease, stage of disease, individual pain tolerance capacity and regular medicines with regular follow-ups. Usually mild to moderate cases get relief & comfort level in 3 months to 6 months and severe cases take more time to get the comfort level. Minimum duration of treatment is 3 years.

In cases of Gout, we have achieved a good outcome in 12-18 months. The patients are enjoying their routine food (protein rich food) without any conventional medicines, after the treatment with Homeopathy.

Modes of Consultation
  • You can walk in after taking prior appointment and have face-2-face consultation with Dr. Naitik Shah
  • We also provide Video Consultation with Dr. Naitik Shah

Both the above modes are delivering the same results as Dr. Naitik Shah will provide 60 min dedicated time for both the modes with each new patient.

  • If above modes are not possible for any person then, in that case, we provide them Tele consultation

Advice or Care to be taken by the Patient

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Early treatment is better to avoid joint damage
  • Please avoid sitting on the floor as it will make difficult for you to rise from the floor
  • Please do not bend your spine while you need to get anything from the floor, rather you should bend your knees. Knees are made to bend and the spine is not
  • Please keep right posture while watching TV or working on the laptop. You should sit in the same direction of the television screen. One has to have an armrest while using keyboard to avoid shoulder and neck pains
  • In the case of working with the laptop for long hours, please have distant vision every 15-20 minutes. It is essential to avoid eye strain as changing sight of vision increases your eye blinking ratio rather continuously looking at laptop screen

Rehabilitation Equipment:

  • Knee-cap helps in knee pains to support surrounding musculature
  • Cervical collar also helps to support Cervical spine, likewise, Lumbo-sacral belt helps to support L/S Spine
  • Wrist splint can help in pain
  • Footwear is also important. Shoes should be comfortable and should support your feet better
  • You can be advised for cushioned insoles, if needed, after getting your footprint

Exercise / Sport:

Exercise is a must. Regular exercise, even 10 minutes a day will help to increase flexibility and muscle strengthening. Please keep in touch with Physical Therapist. Do follow up with him, it will improve your level of fitness

  • Best sport is swimming


No major role of food is found during research as far as cases of Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Ankylosing Spondylitis are concerned

If you have Gouty arthritis; then please reduce your purine intake, please reduce meat (particularly red meat such as beef, pork and lamb), seafood and poultry as these are the primary source of purines. Eat these foods in moderation. Please ensure that you are getting enough protein, include meat-free sources of protein such as eggs, low-fat dairy products, tofu, cheese, nuts or beans with lower purine content such as haricot beans. Also, limit sweetened food, which can also increase uric acid levels.

In cases of Psoriatic Arthritis, the Omega-3 fatty acid helps to reduce inflammation; rich sources are walnut & salmon otherwise whatever works for you, after trial & error once it can be judged, no other formula.