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Dr. Naitik Shah (B.H.M.S)

Dr. Naitik Shah (B.H.M.S.), is a practicing Homeopathic Physician in Ahmedabad, India since 2003.  He has studied homeopathy deeply and he is very dynamic and on a continuous quest of ever learning and ever growing. Dr. Naitik is an acclaimed physician and a teacher who has grown and progressed in professional stature by treating a large number of patients successfully over the years.

He has an extraordinary strength of understanding the psyche of patients that enable him to offer quick & snapshot prescriptions based on his approach of holistic and individualized treatment of each patient.

He has given his dedicated services to society during Surat floods and during the Chikungunya epidemic in Ahmedabad.

He has attended the All India Homeopathic Summit twice and the World Homeopathic Summit in 2015 where 27 scientists from 9 different countries made presentations on their research in Homeopathy. He also attended the workshop on Pediatric Neuropsychiatric disorder and its solution with Homeopathy.