Mrs. Girija Rawal – Ahmedabad, India

I am 51 years old and suffering from Reflux OesophagitisAphonia and Severe Urticaria. As per ENT specialist, there is no problem with my vocal cord. My experience with Dr. Naitik Shah has been wonderful. I got back my voice, which was almost gone. What I liked about the doctor is the personal attention, the way he deals with you in your first meeting. There are times when you need to give outlet to your thoughts that are deep down knowingly or unknowingly bothering you and hence create a hell of problems. Here is a doctor who does not only cure your disease but heals you within too, makes you realize why you are suffering and what needs to be done. And above all homeopathic medicines which do not have any side effects. So go ahead and give it a try, it is really worth.