Alopecia or Hair Fall

Mrs. Raksha Trivedi – Ahmedabad, India


I am 54 years old female having complain of Hair fall from past six years and which is increased in past three months. I am really worried as i lost 30-40% hair volume in last three months.

Pain Point

I have this problem from last six years. I was taking it lightly but now its high time as i may develop bald patch on my scalp. I was in urgent need of solution for this problem. I was anxious too.


 My friend Anjana suggested Dr Naitik Shah as her chronic problem of Hair Fall was cured by him. He assured me after the primary conversation that i will be fine and your hair fall will be reduced in couple of months.


After the consultation, doctor gave me sweet little white pills. For my surprise, there was no any advise for hair oil, shampoo or any change in usage. He said it will be taken care of only by this oral medication.


I saw change in just two weeks and after four weeks my hair fall was completely stopped. As he said, in just two months hair fall stopped and hair growth started from third month. After six month’s treatment, I was able to feel significant change when i was touching my scalp. I was able to feel the volume over the scalp. I was satisfied with results so i stopped the treatment.


I was so happy with the result that i started recommending him in my family, friends and relatives. Dr Naitik Shah is already treating my daughter for her Hair Fall and dandruff. My son-in-law is also taking treatment for his Hair Fall & Hair Thinning. Our family is satisfied with his treatment regarding Hair related problems. Thank you Dr Naitik Shah.