Ms. Hetal Shah – Mumbai, India


I am 34 years and single because i am suffering from severe migraine from past 20 years.

Pain Point

I had severe attack of migraine every week from past 20 years. I have to switch off lights, have to rest in dark room and unable to work. Nothing was able to stop it. My life was stuck because of migraine. I was avoiding to get married because of this problem.


I consulted Dr Naitik Shah for Homeopathic treatment. After detailed history taking session of two hours, he found few stressors which were triggering my migraine attack. He gave me few inputs about my nature and temperament. He gave me Homeopathic constitutional medicine which was similar to my nature & temperament.


I took homeopathic treatment for ten months. I stopped it as i was feeling better. My doctor suggested to continue for another three months but i was getting married so i was also remaining busy so decided to stop it.


I started observing change from first month and within three months i was confident that this treatment will cure me from migraine.


I was experiencing best time of my life as there was no headache for the first time, just one month after the Homeopathic medicines. My sleep also improved. After 10 months treatment, i am feeling much better. I am able to concentrate on my work and I am going to get married soon. I am feeling as if i am back to life. Thanks to Homeopathy and Dr Naitik Shah.