Atopic Dermatitis

Master Nemi Khimsaria – Melbourne, Australia


My child Nemi was suffering from Atopic dermatitis since his birth. Until age, four he was not helped much in spite of using steroids. We tried Homeopathy as well.

Pain Point

He had dryness of body in spite of using moisturiser round the clock. His face, back, chin, elbow, both popliteal areas (behind knee). He has intense itching all the time. Whenever we see him, he is scratching. He was keep on itching even during sleep. He had disturbed sleep and used to wake up because of itching. All these were aggravated during winter months from June to October. Being medical person, I was aware about side effects of using steroids for long term and we did not want to do that.

We were blessed with twin child but only Nemi was suffering so we could not see him suffering when he used to complain that why only me? When will I be okay? When will I be free from this sticky moisturiser, which I suppose to use 24 x 7. We could not revert him that when he will be free from this.


 I knew about Homeopathic treatment and we tried it in past but without much relief. However, I was sure that Homeopathy has a cure for Atopic Dermatitis. Through online search, I found Dr Naitik Shah and I approached him via email and shared snaps of Nemi for his opinion. Within next 24 hours, I received a positive reply that he will be able to cure it. He diagnosed it as Atopic Dermatitis / Atopic Eczema. We had Skype video consultation for almost an hour, he had word with Nemi as well and to understand his nature & behaviour. He concluded the session and said that he will send Homeopathic Medicines to Melbourne.


After 7 days we received the medicines and treatment started. He advised to continue with Homeopathic medicines and asked to follow up every three weeks with snaps. He asked us to avoid steroids if possible and continue with moisturiser round the clock.


After 3 months, itching started reducing. There was no redness after 6-8 months. He started sleeping peacefully. Earlier he was irritable because of itching & scratching. His behaviour and tamper-tantrums reduced. Next winter was better than previous. We continued medicine for almost 24 months but that really helped him.


We are so happy that words cannot express as we have seen Nemi suffering every day. Now no more empty containers of moisturiser around us. This Online Homeopathic Treatment has helped us as walk-in consultation in the clinic. Dr Naitik Shah was available for follow-ups via Skype, emails and Whatsapp call as and when needed. We were able to receive medicines on time in Australia though Dr Naitik Shah is in India. Thank you so much from Khimsaria family.