Ms. Salkshi Seru – Delhi, India


I am 23 years of young girl suffering from reflux disease from past 2-3 years.

Pain Point

I am feeling fullness, heaviness and regurgitation with heartburn. Occasionally i feel burning as well as nausea. Gradually my appetite is reduced and i started loosing weight.


I am taking homeopathic treatment at homeopathcures from last 10 months. I am feeling much better in terms of my appetite, started eating so i put 2 kg weight. Now i am 41 kg from 39 kg. My irritability and mood swings are not there now.


I am very sensitive by nature. I am very positive as a person and doing my studies. But because of this problem i was upset and feeling depressed. After this treatment i am better person with positivity. Of course my physical ailment left me so i am really thankful to Dr Naitik Shah.