Alopecia or Hair Fall

Mrs. Nayana Raval – London, UK


I am 53 years old and having complain of Hair Fall and Hair thinning from last ten years. As a result of this i developed Hair loss in frontal are of scalp.

Pain Point

I was looking more older than my age. I was not feeling confident at my work place because of my appearance. I was tired of experimenting as nothing was working. I tried all possible treatments available in London.


 My cousin from India suggested Dr Naitik Shah for my treatment as he is treating patients from abroad via Online Homeopathic Consultation. He said it may be because of my menopause i am loosing my hair but he said he will be able to help. So i decided to start the treatment. The best part was he did not charge for screening. When i asked he replied, they provide complimentary screening to all the patients.


After the consultation, he sent medicines for three months. It was in pills form, the white-sweet tiny globules. There was no any suggestions to make change in oil or shampoo for my complain. He said this oral medicines will take care.


I saw some change in hair fall so i asked for next six months’ course. After nine months i saw almost 50% change in hair fall and my hair thinning was stopped. I also saw some hair growth as well so i continued it patiently for another six months. I am really glad to share that my patch in front of the scalp is no more present as it is filled with hair. My hair fall is completely stopped.


I tried Homeopathy for the first time and it helped me when nothing worked for me. I was not expecting that i will get my hair back at 53 years of age. I am really thankful to Homeopathy, Homeopath Cures and Dr Naitik Shah. He was available for follow up guidance as per my need. He was able to send medicines easily to my home at London. Overall good experience if Online Homeopathic Treatment.