Mr. Dipak Rajyaguru – Ahmedabad, India


I am 32 years old and was suffering from ulcerative colitis from one year. I was taking mesacol tablets three times a day with librex but than also i had frequency of stool with blood.

Pain Point

It was very painful to accept the fact that i have to take this medicine for life long. I was very much depressed with this problem. I have to go for stool even during job hours. My anxiety regarding my health and future were increasing. I was only 40 kg because of weight loss.


I consulted Dr Naitik Shah for homeopathic treatment. I put on 1 kg weight after one month’s treatment. That gave me confidence on the homeopathy. After that i had never look back and followed  Dr Naitik Shah.


After the consultation he gave me simple one homeopathic medicine which i suppose to use it everyday twice and few dietary restrictions to avoid extra load on my intestines. He advised to avoid outside food and water.


After eight months i was able to stop all Allopathic medicines and than also i was doing well. Homeopathy took charge over my immune system. I took the homeopathic treatment for three years.


Once you suffer from any chronic ailment than you are suffering physically as well as mentally. It affects your work and your family as well. I was fine in just 12 months but continued it for three years. My wife also took Homeopathy as she had three abortions in last 4 years. So she also started the treatment after me. She delivered a baby girl. I was feeling more confident, i got promotion as well. Everything placed well and story had a happy end. Thanks to homeopathy and Dr Naitik Shah.