Mrs. Kinjal Prajapati – Mumbai, India


I am 25 and I was suffering from Poly-Arthritis: Post viral fever for last few months.

Pain Point

It was a very painful disease that was unable to move because of joint pain. Major involved joints were the knee, ankle and wrist. I was unable to hold objects and walk comfortably. There was stiffness of joints in the morning. Also had small ganglion (deposition of fluid) started forming.


I consulted a lot of Arthritis specialists and Rheumatologists but none of them relieved or cured my pain. Then I was referred to Dr. Naitik Shah by Dr. Hasmukh Patel from Pooja Multispeciality Hospital in Ahmedabad.


After consulting him, due to his treatment, I was relieved completely from my pain within six months. Now I do not have pain in my knee joint, ankle joint and wrist joint as well as no stiffness of joints even in the winter. My ganglion also disappeared.


During the course of treatment, other small problems of a cough & cold or muscle spasm are also taken care of by him. I and my family are really thankful to Dr. Naitik Shah and his treatment.


I will recommend consultation with Dr. Naitik Shah at least once no matter what problem you are going through. It is my belief that his way of treating and consulting patients is unique and will find a cure to relieve your agony.