Rheumatoid Arthritis

Mrs. Manisha Patel – New Jersey, USA


I am suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis since last 5 years. I am 33 years old.

Pain Point

I experienced intense pain in the joints and all my small joints in both my hand and leg were swollen. Gradually my pain increased. I consulted rheumatologists in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and in the USA. They put me under allopathic medicines. Medicines reduced my pain and swelling but there were various side effects, like itching throughout my body, hair fall, skin rashes etc. I was told that this medication may have to be continued throughout my life and I have to learn to live with these side effects.

I used to feel completely drained of energy and used to continuously feel burning sensation throughout my head, sometimes very miserable.


Incidentally, I heard from a lot of folks about homeopathy and its successful effect for chronic illnesses. My brother in law, Dr. Hasmukh Patel, is a reputed doctor in Ahmedabad and he referred me to his good friend, Dr. Naitik Shah, who is practicing homeopathy in Ahmedabad. Since we were in the US, we would have to wait until returning to India but Hasmukh mentioned that Dr. Naitik Shah is doing an online consultation. We eventually gave it a shot with nothing to lose and a video conference through Skype was arranged with Dr. Naitik Shah. An online consultation was hosted between me @ New Jersey, USA and Dr. Naitik @ Ahmedabad.
The call lasted for over an hour with in-depth discussion about my problems, lifestyle, day to day activities and so on. It was a unique experience and I felt that I was just in front of the doctor. My experience with Dr. Naitik was that he took an intense interest in my case and I never felt that he was doing this just for the sake of doing it. Dr. Naitik was trying to identify the root cause of my disease.


After the consultation, he prescribed me homeopathic medicines. He helped me to gradually lower the dose of the allopathic medication with the help of Homeopathic medicines.


I have been taking off the allopathic medicine completely since 3 months and noticed that I have got rid of the side effects including my irregular menstrual cycle. I am under Dr. Naitik’s Homeopathic treatment for two years and I underwent successful online consultations while in the US.


My overall experience has been great and I feel lucky to have come out of this situation through the efforts of Dr. Naitik Shah. Now I visit him once every couple of months, as I have shifted to Mumbai since last six months and follow-up with him over phone regularly.

Pankaj’s Experience (My Husband)

Through my spouse’s experience, I can say that homeopathy works. I have a telemedicine business of my own but I have seen Dr. Naitik is putting it into practice in the simplest of means and it has delivered.

I have found a very good friend and a reliable guide in Dr. Naitik. He has helped us both regain our lost world. Slowly but surely I am confident that my wife will be totally cured of her illness.

After my spouse’s medical complexity I have self-educated me into various aspects of physical and mental well-being and the different disciplines that can be applied for human treatments.

Homeopathy is a medical science that is best equipped to solve chronic illnesses for the following reasons:

  1. As human beings, none of us are alike and same applies to our body and how it reacts to various external and internal changes. Hence, there cannot be the same treatment applied to any two persons. The treatment path has to be unique.
  2. The only way to address something permanently is the fix the root cause and not its symptoms.
  3. The physical and psychological affects of a person cannot be understood in a 5 minute consultation. The doctor has to first understand and master the thought pattern of the patient in order to address his problem. Hence the lengthy consultation with the patient. In other words, the doctor has to wear the patient’s shoes to understand where it pinches.
  4. Patience is a vital element in chronic treatments. You cannot expect overnight wonders. Realize that it is not the symptoms that are trying to be suppressed but the root cause.
  5. Mind and matter are co-related. Hence, both need to be treated simultaneously.
  6. There is always a solution to your body’s problems. Only that you have still not discovered what is gone wrong. Remember, it order to solve a problem, you need to understand the problem in the first case.