Alopecia or Hair Fall

Ms. Meghavi Shah – Ahmedabad, India


I am young girl of 18 years. I am having problem of Hair Fall from past three years.

Pain Point

My problem of Hair Fall increased from past two to three months. I am loosing more than three hundred hairs per washing. That is really worrying me.


 We consulted him as we heard about him. As i am very sensitive by nature, i think a lot. As per him my Hair Fall is stress induced and increased because of some acute illness before three months.


After the consultation, doctor gave me medicines for one month. He advised not to experiment with any of the products available in the market and to avoid any Hair spa or any Hair treatment.


I was really happy as it has significantly reduced in just one month’s treatment. I took the treatment for three months and i was really helped.


It was the first experience of taking Homeopathic Treatment and it has proved right choice for me. I am happy and satisfied with the result. I became more aware about my sensitivity and how it was troubling me. I am really thankful to Dr Naitik Shah.