Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis

Master Ayan Sagar – Sydney, Australia


My son Ayan was suffering from Atopic dermatitis since he was of six months.  We were struggling in spite of using topical steroids and moisturizer.  His whole body was covered with eruptions especially during winter.

Pain Point

He was very much uncomfortable but he was unable to communicate. We were also unable to help him in spite of knowing the disease. Local physician advised best solution as per Ayan’s age but that was also not helping him much. He had itching all over the body with redness.


 I was aware about homeopathic treatment but i was not sure whether it will work in case of Atopic Dermatitis or not. My friend’s daughter was treated for Atopic Dermatitis by Dr Naitik Shah from India so he suggested him for Ayan. I sent him Ayan’s pictures and he diagnosed it as Atopic Dermatitis. We had option for Skype video consultation but I had planned visit to India so we met him personally. He asked details about Ayan’s mother’s history during pregnancy, after birth and his milestones as well as his behavior. After the session we received homeopathic medicines for three months.


We started with the homeopathic medicines  once we were back to Sydney as it was short visit. Gradually he started improving so we ordered medicines for next six months. He advised not to use steroids and advised to continue with moisturizer.


After 3 months, redness over the skin started reducing and we found that there was no need of topical steroids to use. There was no redness after six months of treatment. He started sleeping peacefully. In the next winter he had developed new patches of eczema but less than previous and that was also taken care by Homeopathic Medicines without using topical steroids. We took the treatment for Fifteen months. I have stopped the treatment from last nine months than also he is fine in this winter 2017.


Thanks to homeopathy. We are thankful to Dr Naitik Shah for relieving my son from this illness. It was really effective and safe as well. Medicines are sweet in taste so my son was having it happily. Special thanks to his innovative idea to provide Online Homeopathic Treatment to overseas patients. He was available as and when needed. On the contrary if we missed to follow up, his reception reminded for regular follow up. We highly recommend his Online Homeopathic treatment to overseas patients.