IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Mr. Shailesh Acharya – Calicut, India


I am suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Planter warts.

Pain Point

I complained of irregular bowel habit. Stool frequency was 4-5 times a day. With that, I had colicky pain in abdomen and flatulence. After the food, my problem was aggravated. My sonogram of the abdomen was normal. I was feeling tired by taking medicines without any relief since last 6-8 months. So my sister suggested homeopathic treatment with Dr. Naitik Shah.


I was relieved in my pain in just 15 days which I was suffering for last 6 to 8 months without relief in spite of allopathic medicines.


Now I have normal stool frequency without pain & flatulence. I have started putting on weight, so I am very happy.


Earlier I was worried about my Health but after consulting Dr. Naitik, I am able to change my way of thinking. I started believing that it’s all about your thinking and your nature which is creating problems. After his medicines and counseling, it is really helping me to understand myself and also helping me to get rid of my problem.

I recommend Dr. Naitik Shah’s homeopathic treatment.