Mrs. Ajisha Gada – Mumbai, India


I am 31 years old and suffering from Hypothyroidism from last ten years, though taking treatment for last six months my problem is increased.

Pain Point

My hair fall is increased like anything. I am suffering from menorrhagia that is profuse bleeding which lasts for ten days.


I have been diagnosed as Hypothyroidism so taking 100 ugm thyroxine hormone as a part of treatment. For the first time got to know that it acts as supplement as my gland is not functional. I was thinking that i am treated for Hypothyroidism. So that i need to take this life long. Dr Naitik Shah explained that it is auto-immune in origin and can be treated with Homeopathy.


After the consultation, he asked me to continue thyroxine and added his homeopathic medicine.


Within three months i was able to see positive results. My hair fall started reducing. Along with menorrhagia, i had issues of recurrent fungal infection (fungal vaginitis) that also taken care of. My acne along with its scars also started reducing. I continued the treatment and also thought to start for my daughter’s skin problem. But after going through her history, doctor suggested to check her thyroid and she also found hypothyroid so we started for her as well.


I started homeopathy for my thyroid problem but i am helped at multiple level. My thyroxine tablets is stopped than also my thyroid levels are normal. I am feeling healthy and happy. My other problems of acne vulgaris, recurrent fungal infection, foot eczema are also better. All these ailments taken care of by only one treatment. So I am very happy and thankful to Dr Naitik Shah. If you are suffering from thyroid problems than start Homeopathy Today.